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YEAH! Cut the tree down! Cause it's all that mean ole tree's fault! Right? Your stupid. This story is being told in lop sided fashion. As though ALL the white folks are out to get the poor victimized black people..... PLEASE! So far it looks like you're ignoring the fact that 6 kids jumped on 1 kid. Was the white kid like 20 feet tall or something? Was he a professional Cage Fighter? Why did it take SIX kids to whip his ass? Sounds more like a kid got ambushed. That's the kind of behavior most white people would expect to hear. Black people are discriminated against and judged because of the bad apples out there setting the standard. A bad standard. Not how they look but how they behave. Being black just visually associates you with another problem. Just go hang out at the intersection of Jackson St. and Bolton Ave. in Alexandria on any random evening. It's not a dangerous part of town because of all the WHITE people selling crack and begging for money. Black peoples biggest enemy lies within it's own communities. Drive around the neighborhoods and look for yourself. Many Black kids think its wrong to speak proper English because that's selling out and being white. I have a girlfriend who gets hassled all the time for "sounding white". Sounding WHITE!? Can you believe that? How about sounding like someone who grew up and learned to speak English. Black people ARE just as capable of anything as anyone else can do. But just listen to our young black athletes stumble thru plain conversations on after-game TV interviews. It's not because they're stupid. It's because they were raised in a house where people tossed grammar and fundamental education to the wind. Do you REALLY expect that job interview to go your way when you "sound black"? It DOES affect the way black people are received in society. Want equality? Teach you children to conform to the standard we ALL are held to. Black culture is difficult for white americans to understand because "ebonics" isn't seen as something to be proud of. Mostly it jut sounds like people intentionally destroying the language,not preserving a dialect left over from Africa which not only annoys everyone but also further alienates people from the mainstream. Political correctness saves the day though because everyone is scared to death of these issues. Just up the road from Jena in Deville La. is an ALL white school. Buckeye Elementary an BHS K-12. And guess what! its a great school system. NO gangs. No tension. No kids running wild all over the neighborhoods raising themselves with no dads. No groups of young punks roaming the streets on bicycles at 3 in the morning. Its really nice. Head on into Alexandria to Peabody or Bolton high school in Alexandria La. hmmm. Much more Chaos. Totally different environment. Why? Hmm. I'm sure there's more to the story at Jena than the noose thing. The tasteless joke of one or two little idiots! Nobody had to ASK permission to sit under that tree. Sure all the white kids gather up together. SO WHAT?And what about that comment made by the attorney about ending lives with the stroke of a pen? Did anyone REALLY hear it that way? Sounds exaggerated and taken out of context. I'd also bet that the only people that called it the "white tree" were black students. Don't judge this situation from one biased, embellished account. No doubt the punishment may be excessive. But you really DON'T know what went down at that school or who started the fight. The black people in MY neighborhood get along great and the kids play well together with the white people. Gated community. People with CAREERS and means. Children that are taught to speak like educated people and not SNOOP DOG. Ignore it if you want. Most prejudice can be avoided by starting from the beginning with the little ones. No NIGGER. No WHITE DEVIL. No talk like that in the house. Ever. If you don't catch it's to late..........................................................! Jamie Floyd is a Deville,Louisiana political candidate. A very powerful figure associated with the Ku Klux Klan. See his signs on roadsides and know the truth. Share the truth.Jamie Floyd must be STOPP...  - Sep 2.2007 - on
Why is it people are always trying to do what their not supposed to?Jam Kitten  - 06.28.2007 - on

The Jena Project is a remixed, visual analysis of online speech, as seen through a year's worth of comment threads and discussions of photographs and video made by Michael David Murphy during last summer's trials, protests, and marches for the Jena Six in Jena, Louisiana.

A mixed-media project, The Jena Project pulls back the curtain on America's "conversation on race", while mapping language from an up-close (and often binary) street-level perspective.

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