The Jena Project - Plate 8
I know for a fact that this is a lie. No black person would of not show up for a trail like this. Knowing that this black kids hands would be in the hands of the white people from Jena. Knowing they would not get a fair trail with all white. that is BSallison3261 via youtube
Even if the jury was comprised of all black people, somewhere along the line thier lives would have still met a tragic demise. The precedings were and continue to be a farce.patsagainstrats via youtube

The Jena Project is a remixed, visual analysis of online speech, as seen through a year's worth of comment threads and discussions of photographs and video made by Michael David Murphy during last summer's trials, protests, and marches for the Jena Six in Jena, Louisiana.

A mixed-media project, The Jena Project pulls back the curtain on America's "conversation on race", while mapping language from an up-close (and often binary) street-level perspective.

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