The Jena Project - Plate 9
@ cxa011500, what the fuck a race war gonna do, to settle shit for black folks and white folks who support black folks. during early segregation in the south there were whites who stood up for blacks, and racial equality, i aint got no exact names but there were and are still to this day white folks who aint wit that racism shit.wake the fuck up it's 2007. ya dumb ass living that jim crow bullshit.JNickS33 via youtube
Hey, FUCK the Jena 6 and i you have a fucking problem with that shit then fuck you and your damn uppity family. In fact, I feel so damn strongly about this if you have a damn problem with it then here's my fucking address 1802 BITTERSWEEET RUSTON, LA 71270 Fuck you and the Jena 6mustangmy via youtube

The Jena Project is a remixed, visual analysis of online speech, as seen through a year's worth of comment threads and discussions of photographs and video made by Michael David Murphy during last summer's trials, protests, and marches for the Jena Six in Jena, Louisiana.

A mixed-media project, The Jena Project pulls back the curtain on America's "conversation on race", while mapping language from an up-close (and often binary) street-level perspective.

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