I post because of my anger at the media, actually. Not black people. And because this bull shit is affecting where I live. It is causing racial strife, not doing anything to remedy it.hurricainesly via youtube
katrina was premedited. period.                 gatorman4890 via youtube
Does anybody here besides Jena people know how to make a noose? And if so, why? You just happen to say one day, "Hmmmm...I need a noose!" Nooses have but one purpose. Do ALL parents teach their children this skill? My dad showed me how to make & fly a kite.bayouclay via youtube
Sounds like he taught you how to draw a rainbow, too.Alphamale69 via youtube
Blacks need to learn their place, and thats in prison! lolcrazypooh07 via youtube
hang em all. idiots.                                          roohah via youtube

The Jena Project is a remixed, visual analysis of online speech, as seen through a year's worth of comment threads and discussions of photographs and video made by Michael David Murphy during last summer's trials, protests, and marches for the Jena Six in Jena, Louisiana.

A mixed-media project, The Jena Project pulls back the curtain on America's "conversation on race", while mapping language from an up-close (and often binary) street-level perspective.

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